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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us via email at info@bellandstock.com or by telephone.  You may also contact any of our lawyers directly if you have questions about the process.

Yes, the first appointment is typically an hour to an hour and a half in length.  We will review a lot of information in the first appointment.

Yes, we encourage you to bring someone to take notes and generally provide support during the appointment.

Yes we can accommodate in person meetings, or remote meetings.

It is prudent to book an appointment early in the process so you understand your rights and obligations during the period in time you may be making decisions about your property division, parenting or any other matters.

The first appointment is a detailed overview of your situation.  Your lawyer will be able to explain the law, and advise what issues you will need to be aware of.

We will need to see a piece of picture I.D., but other than that we do not require you to bring anything.  It is a good idea to review your assets and debts prior to the meeting so your lawyer can provide more specific advice, but it is not necessary.

Speaking to or retaining a lawyer does not mean you will be unable to remain amicable.  In fact, we encourage parties to try to reach agreements outside of Court.  Our legislation does, however, require parties to obtain independent legal advice for property division, or you risk your agreement being overturned.  Our lawyers do provide Independent Legal Advice on Separation Agreements.  Feel free to contact us for pricing and an outline of what that process entails.

Every file is different, and very much depends on how easily the parties are able to reach agreements.  It is possible to resolve files within a matter of weeks/months.  Some matters take longer, and are more difficult.

Your lawyer will bill their time at their hourly rate.  You will be provided regular invoices so you will always be aware of the fees and charges.  Our hourly rates range from $300 – $550 per hour and are predicated on the experience of each lawyer.

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